Church Activities

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The above tabs provide all the information you need to join in the fellowship and worship here at Hunslet Baptist Church. We have to provide information about services, meetings, clubs and resources that will meet your needs in todays society. We all make sacrifices from time to time, for our loved ones-parents, children, wives, husbands, girlfriends, boyfriends. There's a cost involved and sometimes it's a lot to ask but we do it because, as Christians, we are prepared to put others first.

We remember the ultimate sacrifice made by Jesus on the cross- giving his life, an innocent man taking the consequences of our wrongdoing and paying the ultimate price.

The great news is death was not the end. Three days later he was alive again, bringing forgiveness, fresh hope and a future for all of us.

Come and discover how your life can be changed forever because of Jesus' act of love for you.
Church Activities
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