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The congregation of Hunslet Baptist Church has been meeting for worship in the Tabernacle on Low Road since 1837. The word Tabernacle comes from the Bible and refers to a temporary structure used as a sanctuary and place of worship it also means "God's dwelling place". Although Hunslet Baptist Tabernacle is 180 years old, the worship and community service continue to this day. In its long history 21 ministers have served the church. Some notable names stand out like Jabez Tunnicliffe, founder of the Band of Hope. Claude Wooster, a joint founder of the Hunslet Boys Club. Alfred Edward Greening served for 30 years and Joseph Wieland for 21 years.

The church has been able to send out 28 ministers, missionaries, deaconesses and nurses to serve not only in this country, but around the world in Brazil, New Zealand, Canada, India, China, Sri Lanka, Angola and Nepal.

Although the Hunslet Baptist Church has a long history and has much to thank God for in the past, it is to the future we look. So we have created a project called
The Way Forward. We have, we believe, been given a vision for the church at Hunslet to redevelop its building and to create a vibrant centre for the existing and new communities in this area of significant regeneration in South Leeds.

We have published a book about the church during the last century. It is called "The Baptists in Hunslet in the Late Nineteenth Century" by Rev George M Wieland
 . To order this book, cost £3.50, please contact us via our email address.

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